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We serve the world community!

Our Community


We believe in empowering youth, women, and families.  Our goal is to promote the psychological, emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and social well-being of our communities through programs that enhance the lives of our youth, women, and families.  

Our staff, volunteers, and board are all experts in their fields with diverse backgrounds sharing the common desire to improve the well-being of all the citizens of our world community.  Our CEO/Executive Director Tracy Cooper brings a wealth of knowledge as a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology, specializing in integrative therapy and personal empowerment.  

At the University of California, Berkeley she was a psychotherapist within the Psychological Services department.  Presently, she is a psychotherapist offering comprehensive care to patients with chronic medical conditions and serious mental illness.  As a community activist, she is involved with several nonprofit organizations. She is the founder of The Uloma Foundation, she serves as a board member for Arts for All, and manages a mental health program at Interfaith Community Services.  Tracy Cooper is an academic and literary author.  She is the author of Inspired to Greatness:  A Feminine Approach to Healing the World a book on women's empowerment, the author of the children's book series Sophie Starchild and she contributed to the book What Women Want: A Book for Men.

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